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    193350 - Downtown Explorations: Fremont Street

    ActivityDescription      Details IconDaysDatesTimesLocationFees      Share      Status      Cart Icon
    193350-03Smith Center Tour and LunchItem DetailsM09/16/19- 09/16/1910:00A- 2:00PLieburn SC$5FullRead Notice
    193350-11Smith Center Tour LunchItem DetailsM09/16/19- 09/16/19 9:30A- 2:00PEast Las Vegas CC$5UnavailableRead Notice
    193350-12Lake Mead CruiseItem DetailsTh09/12/19- 09/12/19 5:00P- 9:30PCentennial Hills AAC$60WaitlistRead Notice

    194337 - AARP - Active Adult

    AARP driving course. $15/AARP Members OR $20/non Members payable to the instructor. Must purchase a center membership. Please call 702-229-1600 to register.

    ActivityDescription      Details IconDaysDatesTimesLocationFees      Share      Status      Cart Icon
    194337-03AARP Smart DriverItem DetailsTh09/19/19- 09/19/1911:00A- 1:00PLieburn SC$0UnavailableRead Notice
    194337-04Smart DriverItem DetailsW09/25/19- 09/25/19 1:00P- 5:00PCentennial Hills AAC$0UnavailableRead Notice
    194337-09AARP Smart DriverItem DetailsTh09/12/19- 09/12/19 9:00A- 1:00PEast Las Vegas CC$0UnavailableRead Notice

    195314 - Computer Edu - Act Adult Beg

    Learn Windows 10 from Kathy. She will teach you the basics and answer any questions you may have.

    ActivityDescription      Details IconDaysDatesTimesLocationFees      Share      Status      Cart Icon
    195314-10Windows 10Item DetailsTu, Th09/24/19- 10/03/19 9:30A- 11:30ALieburn SC$25UnavailableRead Notice
    195314-12Microsoft WordItem DetailsM, W09/23/19- 10/02/19 9:30A- 11:30ALieburn SC$25UnavailableRead Notice
    195314-15Learn the InternetItem DetailsM, W09/09/19- 09/18/19 9:30A- 11:30ALieburn SC$25UnavailableRead Notice
    195314-16Computer BasicsItem DetailsTu, Th09/10/19- 09/19/19 9:30A- 11:30ALieburn SC$25UnavailableRead Notice
    195314-21Facebook 101Item DetailsF09/06/19- 09/06/19 2:30P- 3:30PDerfelt SC$5UnavailableRead Notice
    195314-36Cell/Smart PhoneItem DetailsTu09/10/19- 09/10/19 1:00P- 3:00PEast Las Vegas CC$4UnavailableRead Notice

    195315 - Education - Active Adult Beg

    Metro will be here to talk about Crime Prevention & Personal Safety. Make sure to register early.

    ActivityDescription      Details IconDaysDatesTimesLocationFees      Share      Status      Cart Icon
    195315-03Senior SafetyItem DetailsTh09/19/19- 09/19/1910:00A- 11:00ACentennial Hills AAC$0UnavailableRead Notice
    195315-04Conversational SpanishItem DetailsTh09/05/19- 09/26/19 8:30A- 10:00ADerfelt SC$10UnavailableRead Notice
    195315-12ESLItem DetailsTh09/05/19- 09/26/1910:00A- 12:00PDerfelt SC$10UnavailableRead Notice
    195315-20Pre-Planning WorkshoItem DetailsM09/09/19- 09/09/1910:00A- 11:30ACentennial Hills AAC$0UnavailableRead Notice
    195315-40Crime Prevention SeminarItem DetailsTh09/19/19- 09/19/1910:00A- 11:30ACentennial Hills AAC$0WaitlistRead Notice
    195315-46Family HistoryItem DetailsTu09/17/19- 09/17/19 1:30P- 3:00PCentennial Hills AAC$5WaitlistRead Notice
    195315-52Steps to Optimum HealthItem DetailsTh09/05/19- 09/05/19 9:00A- 11:00ACentennial Hills AAC$0UnavailableRead Notice
    195315-53Conversation SpanishItem DetailsF09/06/19- 09/27/19 1:00P- 2:00PDoolittle SC$10UnavailableRead Notice

    196324 - Meals and Snacks - Active Adul

    ActivityDescription      Details IconDaysDatesTimesLocationFees      Share      Status      Cart Icon
    196324-03Apple Pancakes BreakfastItem DetailsF09/06/19- 09/06/19 9:30A- 11:00ALieburn SC$5UnavailableRead Notice
    196324-05Breakfast and MovieItem DetailsW09/11/19- 09/11/19 9:30A- 11:00ADoolittle SC$5UnavailableRead Notice
    196324-06Chicken & FriesItem DetailsTh09/19/19- 09/19/1911:00A- 1:00PDoolittle SC$6UnavailableRead Notice
    196324-09Taco TuesdayItem DetailsTu09/24/19- 09/24/1911:30A- 1:00PDerfelt SC$3UnavailableRead Notice
    196324-11Bingo & LunchItem DetailsTh09/26/19- 09/26/19 1:00P- 3:00PLieburn SC$5UnavailableRead Notice

    202301 - Arts & Crafts - Act Adult Beg

    Bring your crochet hooks and get those fingers moving making the best scrubbies you've ever used. Raquel will teach you how to do it.

    ActivityDescription      Details IconDaysDatesTimesLocationFees      Share      Status      Cart Icon
    202301-02CrochetItem DetailsTu10/01/19- 10/01/1910:00A- 12:00PCentennial Hills AAC$10UnavailableRead Notice
    202301-08CraftItem DetailsTh10/03/19- 10/03/1910:00A- 11:30ADerfelt SC$5UnavailableRead Notice
    202301-19CeramicsItem DetailsM10/07/19- 10/28/1910:00A- 12:00PLieburn SC$25UnavailableRead Notice
    202301-20Whine & PaintItem DetailsF10/11/19- 10/11/1912:00P- 1:30PDerfelt SC$7UnavailableRead Notice
    202301-21Ceramics WorkshopItem DetailsTh10/03/19- 10/31/19 9:30A- 12:00PDoolittle SC$5UnavailableRead Notice
    202301-24Haunted Tea Hat Making ClassItem DetailsTu10/08/19- 10/08/1912:00P- 1:30PDerfelt SC$3UnavailableRead Notice
    202301-30Porcelain & CeramicsItem DetailsTu10/01/19- 10/22/1911:30A- 1:30PEast Las Vegas CC$20UnavailableRead Notice
    202301-31Halloween Craft ProjItem DetailsW10/16/19- 10/16/1910:00A- 12:00PEast Las Vegas CC$6UnavailableRead Notice

    202304 - Painting/Drawing - Active Adul

    ActivityDescription      Details IconDaysDatesTimesLocationFees      Share      Status      Cart Icon
    202304-08Oil PaintingItem DetailsW10/02/19- 10/30/19 8:30A- 11:00ACentennial Hills AAC$30UnavailableRead Notice
    202304-15Acrylic PaintingItem DetailsF10/04/19- 10/18/19 2:00P- 4:00PCentennial Hills AAC$18UnavailableRead Notice
    202304-17Oil Painting BegItem DetailsTh10/03/19- 10/24/19 1:00P- 3:00PCentennial Hills AAC$30UnavailableRead Notice

    202306 - Sew/Knit/Crochet - Act Ad Beg

    ActivityDescription      Details IconDaysDatesTimesLocationFees      Share      Status      Cart Icon
    202306-09CrochetItem DetailsM09/30/19- 10/21/19 9:00A- 11:00AEast Las Vegas CC$20UnavailableRead Notice

    202311 - Dance - Active Adult Beg

    ActivityDescription      Details IconDaysDatesTimesLocationFees      Share      Status      Cart Icon
    202311-30Ballroom/SwingItem DetailsF10/04/19- 10/18/1912:00P- 2:00PEast Las Vegas CC$25UnavailableRead Notice

    202312 - Dance - Active Adult Int

    Must have previous tap experience.

    ActivityDescription      Details IconDaysDatesTimesLocationFees      Share      Status      Cart Icon
    202312-13Tap Dance Int/AdvItem DetailsF10/04/19- 10/18/19 9:00A- 11:00AEast Las Vegas CC$30UnavailableRead Notice
    202312-14Tap PerformanceItem DetailsTu10/01/19- 10/22/1910:00A- 12:00PEast Las Vegas CC$30UnavailableRead Notice

    202318 - Active Adult Exercise Beg

    ActivityDescription      Details IconDaysDatesTimesLocationFees      Share      Status      Cart Icon
    202318-41Arthritis ExerciseItem DetailsM, W, F09/30/19- 10/23/19 8:00A- 8:45ADula Gym$5UnavailableRead Notice

    202323 - Zumba - Active Adult Beg

    Zumba focuses on balance, range of motion & coordination. Come ready to sweat and leave feeling empowered! Itís Fun, Itís Fitness and Itís Zumba!! There is a $3 drop in fee or $12 for the month.

    ActivityDescription      Details IconDaysDatesTimesLocationFees      Share      Status      Cart Icon
    202323-06ZumbaItem DetailsVaries10/01/19- 10/29/19VariesVaries$12UnavailableRead Notice
    202323-13Hot Hula FitnessItem DetailsM09/30/19- 10/21/19 9:00A- 10:00AEast Las Vegas CC$10UnavailableRead Notice
    202323-14Hot Hula FitnessItem DetailsW10/02/19- 10/23/19 9:00A- 10:00AEast Las Vegas CC$10UnavailableRead Notice

    202360 - Cooking - Active Adult

    Grab those aprons and learn to cook tasty recipes

    ActivityDescription      Details IconDaysDatesTimesLocationFees      Share      Status      Cart Icon
    202360-01CookingItem DetailsTh10/24/19- 10/24/1910:00A- 11:30ADerfelt SC$5UnavailableRead Notice

    203337 - Special Events - Active Adult

    Menu will include fried fish, coleslaw or green salad and a drink. Space is limited. Please register before Tuesday, October 10th. Must have current CLV Membership.

    ActivityDescription      Details IconDaysDatesTimesLocationFees      Share      Status      Cart Icon
    203337-01Good Time Fish FryItem DetailsTh10/17/19- 10/17/1911:00A- 12:00PDoolittle SC$10WaitlistRead Notice
    203337-15Hispanic Heritage LuncheonItem DetailsW10/02/19- 10/02/1911:30A- 1:30PEast Las Vegas CC$6UnavailableRead Notice
    203337-23Halloween LuncheonItem DetailsW10/30/19- 10/30/1911:30A- 1:00PCentennial Hills AAC$8UnavailableRead Notice
    203337-24SeniorWeenItem DetailsW10/30/19- 10/30/1911:00A- 1:00PDoolittle SC$6WaitlistRead Notice
    203337-28Barn Dance LuncheonItem DetailsW10/23/19- 10/23/1911:30A- 1:30PDerfelt SC$5FullRead Notice
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