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    112032 - Explore & Learn

    This class teaches families interactive fun and educational activities. This is a parent/child class.

    ActivityDescription      Details IconDaysDatesTimesLocationFees      Cart Icon      Status
    112032-02Explore & LearnItem DetailsVaries01/05/16- 05/17/16VariesVaries$0Read NoticeUnavailable
    112032-03Explore & LearnItem DetailsVaries01/07/16- 05/19/16VariesVaries$0Read NoticeUnavailable

    112038 - Education 5 & Under

    ActivityDescription      Details IconDaysDatesTimesLocationFees      Cart Icon      Status
    112038-08Little Books Little CooksItem DetailsTu01/05/16- 02/23/16 1:00P- 3:00PStupak Community Ctr$0Add to CartAvailable

    112059 - Fitness Beginning Adult

    This class, for all abilities, incorporates easy to perform dance movements set to traditional Polynesian drum beats fused with Reggae music. $10 annual membership + fitness membership.

    ActivityDescription      Details IconDaysDatesTimesLocationFees      Cart Icon      Status
    112059-07Hot HulaItem DetailsF01/08/16- 03/25/16 9:00A- 10:00ACHAAC$0Read NoticeUnavailable

    112080 - Basketball Rec/Ind Youth Leagu

    ActivityDescription      Details IconDaysDatesTimesLocationFees      Cart Icon      Status
    112080-016U Basketball LeagueItem DetailsSa01/23/16- 03/19/16 9:00A- 1:00PVets Mem LS Ctr$85Add to CartWaitlist
    112080-028U Basketball LeagueItem DetailsSa01/23/16- 03/19/16 1:00P- 4:00PVets Mem LS Ctr$85Add to CartWaitlist
    112080-03Youth BasketballItem DetailsSa01/09/16- 03/12/1612:00P- 1:00PMirabelli Comm Ctr$85Add to CartAvailable
    112080-04Youth BasketballItem DetailsSa01/09/16- 03/12/16 2:00P- 3:00PMirabelli Comm Ctr$85Add to CartAvailable
    112080-12Youth BasketballItem DetailsSa01/23/16- 03/12/16 9:00A- 11:00AChuck Minker$65Add to CartAvailable
    112080-13Youth BasketballItem DetailsSa01/23/16- 03/12/1611:00A- 1:00PChuck Minker$65Add to CartAvailable
    112080-14Youth BasketballItem DetailsSa01/23/16- 03/12/16 1:00P- 3:00PChuck Minker$65Add to CartAvailable
    112080-17Youth BasketballItem DetailsSa01/09/16- 03/12/16 8:00A- 9:00AMirabelli Comm Ctr$65Add to CartAvailable
    112080-23Youth BasketballItem DetailsSa01/09/16- 03/12/1610:00A- 11:00AMirabelli Comm Ctr$85Add to CartAvailable

    112087 - Soccer Rec/Ind 5 & Under Leagu

    Youth Indoor Soccer League. Saturday's 9am-1pm.

    ActivityDescription      Details IconDaysDatesTimesLocationFees      Cart Icon      Status
    112087-02Youth Indoor SoccerItem DetailsVaries01/27/16- 03/09/16VariesVaries$35Add to CartAvailable

    112088 - Soccer Rec/Ind Youth League

    Youth Indoor Soccer League. Saturday's 9am-1pm.

    ActivityDescription      Details IconDaysDatesTimesLocationFees      Cart Icon      Status
    112088-03Youth Indoor SoccerItem DetailsVaries01/27/16- 03/09/16VariesVaries$35Add to CartAvailable
    112088-05Youth Indoor SoccerItem DetailsVaries01/27/16- 03/09/16VariesVaries$45Add to CartAvailable

    112110 - Music Beginning Youth

    ActivityDescription      Details IconDaysDatesTimesLocationFees      Cart Icon      Status
    112110-01Kid Shine 5-8Item DetailsTu01/26/16- 03/01/16 4:00P- 5:00PVets Mem LS Ctr$85Read NoticeFull
    112110-02Kid Shine 8-12Item DetailsTu01/26/16- 03/01/16 5:00P- 6:00PVets Mem LS Ctr$85Add to CartAvailable
    112110-03Kid Shine 5-8Item DetailsW01/27/16- 03/02/16 4:00P- 5:00PVets Mem LS Ctr$85Add to CartAvailable
    112110-04Kid Shine 8-12Item DetailsW01/27/16- 03/02/16 5:00P- 6:00PVets Mem LS Ctr$85Add to CartAvailable

    112301 - Arts & Crafts - Act Adult Beg

    Pick-up a list of supplies at our front desk.
    $2 annual membership

    ActivityDescription      Details IconDaysDatesTimesLocationFees      Cart Icon      Status
    112301-01Jewelry Design ClassItem DetailsTh01/07/16- 03/24/16 8:30A- 11:30ACHAAC$0Read NoticeUnavailable

    112304 - Painting/Drawing - Active Adul

    ActivityDescription      Details IconDaysDatesTimesLocationFees      Cart Icon      Status
    112304-01Tole PaintingItem DetailsW01/06/16- 03/23/1611:30A- 1:45PCHAAC$0Read NoticeUnavailable

    112305 - Quilting - Active Adult Beg

    ActivityDescription      Details IconDaysDatesTimesLocationFees      Cart Icon      Status
    112305-08QuiltingItem DetailsTu01/05/16- 03/22/16 7:30A- 11:30ACHAAC$0Read NoticeUnavailable

    112306 - Sew/Knit/Crochet - Act Ad Beg

    ActivityDescription      Details IconDaysDatesTimesLocationFees      Cart Icon      Status
    112306-09KnittingItem DetailsW01/06/16- 03/23/16 8:00A- 12:00PCHAAC$0Read NoticeUnavailable

    112311 - Dance - Active Adult Beg

    Learn to control your body with grace and style. It is not only fun to do, but good exercise too! $2.00 Annual + Fitness Membership

    ActivityDescription      Details IconDaysDatesTimesLocationFees      Cart Icon      Status
    112311-02Belly DancingItem DetailsM, F01/04/16- 03/25/1610:30A- 11:30ACHAAC$0Read NoticeUnavailable
    112311-04Cardio DanceItem DetailsTu, Th01/05/16- 03/24/16 1:30P- 2:30PCHAAC$0Read NoticeUnavailable
    112311-20Boomer BalletItem DetailsTu01/05/16- 03/22/1612:40P- 1:30PCHAAC$0Read NoticeUnavailable
    112311-23Line DanceItem DetailsTh01/07/16- 03/24/16 2:00P- 4:00PCHAAC$0Read NoticeUnavailable
    112311-27Beginning Line DanceItem DetailsTh01/07/16- 03/24/1611:45A- 12:45PCHAAC$0Read NoticeUnavailable

    112318 - Strength Stability

    Refresh and energize your body with this low impact water workout.
    $2 annual + fitness membership

    ActivityDescription      Details IconDaysDatesTimesLocationFees      Cart Icon      Status
    112318-01Water AerobicsItem DetailsM, W01/04/16- 03/23/1612:30P- 1:30PCHAAC$0Read NoticeUnavailable
    112318-02Water AerobicsItem DetailsF01/08/16- 03/25/16 8:30A- 9:30ACHAAC$0Read NoticeUnavailable
    112318-03Arthritis AerobicsItem DetailsM, W01/04/16- 03/23/16 1:30P- 2:30PCHAAC$0Read NoticeUnavailable
    112318-04Arthritis AerobicsItem DetailsF01/08/16- 03/25/16 9:30A- 10:30ACHAAC$0Read NoticeUnavailable
    112318-05Weight Room BasicsItem DetailsM01/04/16- 03/21/1612:00P- 1:00PCHAAC$0Read NoticeUnavailable
    112318-06Weight Room BasicsItem DetailsTu01/05/16- 03/22/1612:45P- 1:30PCHAAC$0Read NoticeUnavailable
    112318-07Weight Room BasicsItem DetailsTh01/07/16- 03/24/16 3:30P- 4:30PCHAAC$0Read NoticeUnavailable
    112318-09Lap SwimmingItem DetailsM-F01/04/16- 03/25/16 8:00A- 3:00PCHAAC$0Read NoticeUnavailable
    112318-10Cardio/Weight RoomItem DetailsM-F01/04/16- 03/25/16 7:30A- 9:30ACHAAC$0Read NoticeUnavailable
    112318-11Cardio/Weight RoomItem DetailsM-F01/04/16- 03/25/1612:30P- 2:30PCHAAC$0Read NoticeUnavailable
    112318-12Cardio/Weight RoomItem DetailsM, W, F01/04/16- 03/25/16 4:00P- 5:45PCHAAC$0Read NoticeUnavailable
    112318-14Stretching, Relaxation, & MeditationItem DetailsM01/04/16- 03/21/16 2:30P- 3:00PCHAAC$0Read NoticeUnavailable
    112318-15Stretching, Relaxation, & MeditationItem DetailsW01/06/16- 03/23/16 5:00P- 5:30PCHAAC$0Read NoticeUnavailable
    112318-31VolleyballItem DetailsW01/06/16- 03/23/16 9:30A- 11:00ACHAAC$0Read NoticeUnavailable
    112318-34Sit 'N FitItem DetailsF01/08/16- 03/25/16 8:00A- 9:00ACHAAC$0Read NoticeUnavailable
    112318-36Dynamic Fitness CardioItem DetailsW01/06/16- 03/23/16 1:30P- 2:30PCHAAC$0Read NoticeUnavailable
    112318-37Dynamic Fitness CardioItem DetailsF01/08/16- 03/25/1612:00P- 1:00PCHAAC$0Read NoticeUnavailable
    112318-38Dynamic Fitness Power HourItem DetailsW01/06/16- 03/23/16 2:30P- 3:30PCHAAC$0Read NoticeUnavailable
    112318-39Dynamic Fitness Power HourItem DetailsF01/08/16- 03/25/16 1:00P- 2:00PCHAAC$0Read NoticeUnavailable

    112320 - Walking/Hiking - Active Adult

    Walk in a safe and climate controlled environment.
    $10 annual membership

    ActivityDescription      Details IconDaysDatesTimesLocationFees      Cart Icon      Status
    112320-01Indoor WalkingItem DetailsTu, Th01/05/16- 03/24/1610:30A- 11:30ACHAAC$0Read NoticeUnavailable

    112321 - Yoga - Active Adult Beg

    "Strengthen joints, relax your body and calm your nerves. An exercise mat is required for this class.
    An exercise mat is required for this class." $10 annual + fitness membership

    ActivityDescription      Details IconDaysDatesTimesLocationFees      Cart Icon      Status
    112321-02YogaItem DetailsTu01/05/16- 03/22/16 2:30P- 3:45PCHAAC$0Read NoticeUnavailable
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