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    193308 - Community Garden- Active Adult

    ActivityDescription      Details IconDaysDatesTimesLocationFees      Share      Status      Cart Icon
    193308-79Garden Bed 8BItem DetailsM-Sa09/02/19- 02/29/20 8:00A- 5:00PEast Las Vegas CC$5UnavailableRead Notice
    193308-80Garden Bed 1Item DetailsM-Su09/01/19- 02/28/20 8:00A- 5:00PLieburn SC$15WaitlistRead Notice
    193308-81Garden Bed 2Item DetailsM-Su09/01/19- 02/28/20 8:00A- 5:00PLieburn SC$15WaitlistRead Notice
    193308-82Garden Bed 3Item DetailsM-Su09/01/19- 02/28/20 8:00A- 5:00PLieburn SC$15WaitlistRead Notice
    193308-83Garden Bed 4Item DetailsM-Su09/01/19- 02/28/20 8:00A- 5:00PLieburn SC$15WaitlistRead Notice

    193337 - Special Events - Active Adult

    Join Doolittle Senior Center for a beautiful day at Doolittle Park. Enjoy lunch, fun, music and a health fair.

    ActivityDescription      Details IconDaysDatesTimesLocationFees      Share      Status      Cart Icon
    193337-09Picnic & Health FairItem DetailsTh09/26/19- 09/26/1911:00A- 12:30PDoolittle SC$6UnavailableRead Notice
    193337-14Luau LuncheonItem DetailsF09/20/19- 09/20/1911:30A- 1:00PLieburn SC$6WaitlistRead Notice
    193337-17World Series Scavenger Hunt LuncheonItem DetailsF09/27/19- 09/27/1911:30A- 1:30PDerfelt SC$5UnavailableRead Notice
    193337-18Holiday LuncheonItem DetailsW09/11/19- 09/11/1911:30A- 1:00PCentennial Hills AAC$8UnavailableRead Notice
    193337-24BreakfastItem DetailsW09/25/19- 09/25/19 9:00A- 10:00ACentennial Hills AAC$5UnavailableRead Notice
    193337-40BingoItem DetailsW09/18/19- 09/18/1910:00A- 1:00PDerfelt SC$5UnavailableRead Notice
    193337-41BuncoItem DetailsW09/04/19- 09/04/1910:00A- 12:30PDerfelt SC$5UnavailableRead Notice
    193337-449/11 Memorial LunchItem DetailsW09/11/19- 09/11/1911:30A- 1:30PDerfelt SC$5UnavailableRead Notice
    193337-45Burlesque WorkshopItem DetailsF09/13/19- 09/13/1911:00A- 12:00PDerfelt SC$3UnavailableRead Notice
    193337-50Bingo Lunch OnlyItem DetailsW09/18/19- 09/18/1912:00P- 1:00PDerfelt SC$5UnavailableRead Notice
    193337-51Bunco Lunch OnlyItem DetailsW09/04/19- 09/04/1912:00P- 1:30PDerfelt SC$5UnavailableRead Notice
    193337-52Midsummer Eve BallItem DetailsF09/20/19- 09/20/1911:00A- 1:00PDerfelt SC$5UnavailableRead Notice
    193337-64Mobsters a Molls LuncheonItem DetailsW09/18/19- 09/18/1911:30A- 1:00PEast Las Vegas CC$6UnavailableRead Notice
    193337-65BuncoItem DetailsW09/04/19- 09/04/1912:00P- 1:30PDerfelt SC$5FullRead Notice

    193340 - Bingo Group - Active Adult

    Play bingo and enjoy a tasty treat.

    ActivityDescription      Details IconDaysDatesTimesLocationFees      Share      Status      Cart Icon
    193340-02BingoItem DetailsW09/18/19- 09/18/1911:00A- 12:30PCentennial Hills AAC$5UnavailableRead Notice

    193350 - Downtown Explorations: Fremont Street

    ActivityDescription      Details IconDaysDatesTimesLocationFees      Share      Status      Cart Icon
    193350-03Smith Center Tour and LunchItem DetailsM09/16/19- 09/16/1910:00A- 2:00PLieburn SC$5FullRead Notice
    193350-11Smith Center Tour LunchItem DetailsM09/16/19- 09/16/19 9:30A- 2:00PEast Las Vegas CC$5UnavailableRead Notice
    193350-12Lake Mead CruiseItem DetailsTh09/12/19- 09/12/19 5:00P- 9:30PCentennial Hills AAC$60WaitlistRead Notice

    194337 - AARP - Active Adult

    AARP driving course. $15/AARP Members OR $20/non Members payable to the instructor. Must purchase a center membership. Please call 702-229-1600 to register.

    ActivityDescription      Details IconDaysDatesTimesLocationFees      Share      Status      Cart Icon
    194337-03AARP Smart DriverItem DetailsTh09/19/19- 09/19/1911:00A- 1:00PLieburn SC$0UnavailableRead Notice
    194337-04Smart DriverItem DetailsW09/25/19- 09/25/19 1:00P- 5:00PCentennial Hills AAC$0UnavailableRead Notice
    194337-09AARP Smart DriverItem DetailsTh09/12/19- 09/12/19 9:00A- 1:00PEast Las Vegas CC$0UnavailableRead Notice

    195314 - Computer Edu - Act Adult Beg

    Learn Windows 10 from Kathy. She will teach you the basics and answer any questions you may have.

    ActivityDescription      Details IconDaysDatesTimesLocationFees      Share      Status      Cart Icon
    195314-10Windows 10Item DetailsTu, Th09/24/19- 10/03/19 9:30A- 11:30ALieburn SC$25UnavailableRead Notice
    195314-12Microsoft WordItem DetailsM, W09/23/19- 10/02/19 9:30A- 11:30ALieburn SC$25UnavailableRead Notice
    195314-15Learn the InternetItem DetailsM, W09/09/19- 09/18/19 9:30A- 11:30ALieburn SC$25UnavailableRead Notice
    195314-16Computer BasicsItem DetailsTu, Th09/10/19- 09/19/19 9:30A- 11:30ALieburn SC$25UnavailableRead Notice
    195314-21Facebook 101Item DetailsF09/06/19- 09/06/19 2:30P- 3:30PDerfelt SC$5UnavailableRead Notice
    195314-36Cell/Smart PhoneItem DetailsTu09/10/19- 09/10/19 1:00P- 3:00PEast Las Vegas CC$4UnavailableRead Notice

    195315 - Education - Active Adult Beg

    Metro will be here to talk about Crime Prevention & Personal Safety. Make sure to register early.

    ActivityDescription      Details IconDaysDatesTimesLocationFees      Share      Status      Cart Icon
    195315-03Senior SafetyItem DetailsTh09/19/19- 09/19/1910:00A- 11:00ACentennial Hills AAC$0UnavailableRead Notice
    195315-04Conversational SpanishItem DetailsTh09/05/19- 09/26/19 8:30A- 10:00ADerfelt SC$10UnavailableRead Notice
    195315-12ESLItem DetailsTh09/05/19- 09/26/1910:00A- 12:00PDerfelt SC$10UnavailableRead Notice
    195315-20Pre-Planning WorkshoItem DetailsM09/09/19- 09/09/1910:00A- 11:30ACentennial Hills AAC$0UnavailableRead Notice
    195315-40Crime Prevention SeminarItem DetailsTh09/19/19- 09/19/1910:00A- 11:30ACentennial Hills AAC$0WaitlistRead Notice
    195315-46Family HistoryItem DetailsTu09/17/19- 09/17/19 1:30P- 3:00PCentennial Hills AAC$5WaitlistRead Notice
    195315-52Steps to Optimum HealthItem DetailsTh09/05/19- 09/05/19 9:00A- 11:00ACentennial Hills AAC$0UnavailableRead Notice
    195315-53Conversation SpanishItem DetailsF09/06/19- 09/27/19 1:00P- 2:00PDoolittle SC$10UnavailableRead Notice
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