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    222032 - Explore & Learn

    Early childhood program in partnership with UNLV. Meets onsite the second and third full weeks of the month.

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    222032-02Explore & LearnItem DetailsTh12/05/19- 12/19/19 1:30P- 2:30PCimarron Rose CC$0AvailableAdd to Cart

    222033 - Kinder Express Education Pre-K

    Has your preschooler already been to some classes, but not going to kindergarten next fall? This class is education based with more activities and art.

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    222033-01Pre-K ExpressItem DetailsM, W12/02/19- 12/18/19 9:00A- 10:00ACimarron Rose CC$30AvailableAdd to Cart
    222033-02Pre-K ExpressItem DetailsM, W12/02/19- 12/18/1910:15A- 11:15ACimarron Rose CC$30AvailableAdd to Cart
    222033-03Pre-K ExpressItem DetailsM, W12/02/19- 12/18/1911:30A- 12:30PCimarron Rose CC$30AvailableAdd to Cart

    222034 - Learning Adventure Ed Pre-K

    Bilingual Preschool

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    222034-01Learning Adventure BilingualItem DetailsTu, Th12/03/19- 12/19/19 9:00A- 12:00PMirabelli CC$99AvailableAdd to Cart
    222034-02Learning Adventure BilingualItem DetailsTu, Th12/03/19- 12/19/19 1:00P- 4:00PMirabelli CC$99AvailableAdd to Cart
    222034-03Learning AdventureItem DetailsM, W, F12/02/19- 12/20/19 9:00A- 12:00PMirabelli CC$135AvailableAdd to Cart
    222034-04Learning AdventureItem DetailsM, W, F12/02/19- 12/20/19 1:00P- 4:00PMirabelli CC$135AvailableAdd to Cart
    222034-05Pre K ExpressItem DetailsM, W12/02/19- 12/18/19 4:30P- 5:30PMirabelli CC$35AvailableAdd to Cart
    222034-06Learning AdventureItem DetailsTu, Th12/03/19- 12/19/19 9:00A- 12:00PMirabelli CC$99AvailableAdd to Cart
    222034-07Learning AdventureItem DetailsTu, Th12/03/19- 12/19/19 1:00P- 4:00PMirabelli CC$99AvailableAdd to Cart
    222034-08Spanish for KidsItem DetailsTu, Th12/03/19- 12/19/19 4:30P- 5:30PMirabelli CC$35AvailableAdd to Cart

    222035 - Learning Zone

    Your little geniuses will have an introduction to letters, numbers, shapes, and colors.

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    222035-03Learning ZoneItem DetailsTu, Th12/03/19- 12/19/19 9:00A- 9:45AVets Mem LSC$28AvailableAdd to Cart
    222035-04Learning ZoneItem DetailsTu, Th12/03/19- 12/19/1910:00A- 10:45AVets Mem LSC$28AvailableAdd to Cart
    222035-05Learning ZoneItem DetailsTu, Th12/03/19- 12/19/1911:00A- 11:45AVets Mem LSC$28AvailableAdd to Cart

    222036 - Messy Hands

    Come join us for fun edible masterpieces.

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    222036-02Messy HandsItem DetailsW12/18/19- 12/18/1912:00P- 12:30PVets Mem LSC$5AvailableAdd to Cart

    222038 - Education 5 & Under

    Go to the head of the class in this kinder readiness class.

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    222038-03Kinder KidsItem DetailsTu, Th12/03/19- 12/19/19 9:30A- 10:30ACimarron Rose CC$30AvailableAdd to Cart
    222038-04Kinder KidsItem DetailsTu, Th12/03/19- 12/19/1910:45A- 11:45ACimarron Rose CC$30AvailableAdd to Cart
    222038-05Kinder KidsItem DetailsTu, Th12/03/19- 12/19/1912:00P- 1:00PCimarron Rose CC$30AvailableAdd to Cart
    222038-08Music & PlayItem DetailsW12/04/19- 12/18/19 9:05A- 9:35AVets Mem LSC$15AvailableAdd to Cart
    222038-09Music & PlayItem DetailsTh12/05/19- 12/19/1910:05A- 10:35AVets Mem LSC$15AvailableAdd to Cart
    222038-10Music & PlayItem DetailsTh12/05/19- 12/19/19 9:00A- 9:35AVets Mem LSC$15AvailableAdd to Cart
    222038-12Into the WildItem DetailsF12/06/19- 12/20/19 9:15A- 10:00ACimarron Rose CC$15AvailableAdd to Cart
    222038-17Tot ExpressItem DetailsM, W12/02/19- 12/18/19 9:30A- 10:15ACimarron Rose CC$27AvailableAdd to Cart
    222038-18Tot ExpressItem DetailsM, W12/02/19- 12/18/1910:30A- 11:15ACimarron Rose CC$27AvailableAdd to Cart
    222038-19Tot ExpressItem DetailsM, W12/02/19- 12/18/1911:30A- 12:15PCimarron Rose CC$27AvailableAdd to Cart
    222038-20Tot ExpressItem DetailsTu, Th12/03/19- 12/19/1912:00P- 12:45PCimarron Rose CC$27AvailableAdd to Cart
    222038-21Tot ExpressItem DetailsTu, Th12/03/19- 12/19/19 1:00P- 1:45PCimarron Rose CC$36AvailableAdd to Cart
    222038-22Music & PlayItem DetailsW12/04/19- 12/18/1910:05A- 10:35AVets Mem LSC$15AvailableAdd to Cart
    222038-23InclusiveItem DetailsTu12/03/19- 12/17/1910:00A- 11:00AVets Mem LSC$0WaitlistAdd to Cart
    222038-28Learning LaddersItem DetailsTu11/26/19- 12/17/1910:00A- 11:00AEast Las Vegas CC$24AvailableAdd to Cart
    222038-29Busy BeesItem DetailsTu11/26/19- 12/17/1911:15A- 12:00PEast Las Vegas CC$18AvailableAdd to Cart
    222038-30InvestigationStationItem DetailsTu11/26/19- 12/17/1912:15P- 1:00PEast Las Vegas CC$18AvailableAdd to Cart
    222038-31TripstersItem DetailsTu11/26/19- 12/17/19 9:00A- 9:45AEast Las Vegas CC$18AvailableAdd to Cart

    222041 - Toddler Express Ed Pre-K

    Parent/Child class

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    222041-01Toddler ExpressItem DetailsTh12/05/19- 12/19/19 9:00A- 10:00AMirabelli CC$20AvailableAdd to Cart
    222041-02Toddler ExpressItem DetailsTh12/05/19- 12/19/1910:15A- 11:15AMirabelli CC$20AvailableAdd to Cart

    222063 - Cheer Gymnastics Begin 5 & Und

    Your child will focus on skills essential for success in cheer.

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    222063-02Cheer GymnasticsItem DetailsW12/04/19- 12/18/19 9:00A- 9:45AVets Mem LSC$15AvailableAdd to Cart
    222063-03Cheer GymnasticsItem DetailsTh12/05/19- 12/19/1910:00A- 10:45AVets Mem LSC$15AvailableAdd to Cart
    222063-04Cheer GymnasticsItem DetailsM12/02/19- 12/16/19 6:15P- 7:00PMirabelli CC$15AvailableAdd to Cart
    222063-05Cheer GymnasticsItem DetailsTu12/03/19- 12/17/1910:30A- 11:15AMirabelli CC$15AvailableAdd to Cart

    222065 - Cheer Gymnastics Begin Youth

    ActivityDescription      Details IconDaysDatesTimesLocationFees      Share      Status      Cart Icon
    222065-02Cheer GymnasticsItem DetailsF12/06/19- 12/20/19 4:45P- 5:45PVets Mem LSC$20AvailableAdd to Cart
    222065-03Cheer GymnasticsItem DetailsM12/02/19- 12/16/19 4:00P- 5:00PMirabelli CC$20AvailableAdd to Cart
    222065-04Cheer GymnasticsItem DetailsTh12/05/19- 12/19/19 6:30P- 7:30PMirabelli CC$20AvailableAdd to Cart

    222067 - Gymnastics Beginning 5 & Under

    Bring your 3-5 year old to learn basic gymnastics skills

    ActivityDescription      Details IconDaysDatesTimesLocationFees      Share      Status      Cart Icon
    222067-06Gymnastics BeginnerItem DetailsM12/02/19- 12/16/1911:00A- 11:45AVets Mem LSC$15AvailableAdd to Cart
    222067-07Gymnastics BeginnerItem DetailsM12/02/19- 12/16/19 4:00P- 4:45PVets Mem LSC$15AvailableAdd to Cart
    222067-08Gymnastics BeginnerItem DetailsTu12/03/19- 12/17/1910:00A- 10:45AVets Mem LSC$15AvailableAdd to Cart
    222067-09Gymnastics BeginnerItem DetailsW12/04/19- 12/18/1911:00A- 11:45AVets Mem LSC$20AvailableAdd to Cart
    222067-10Gymnastics BeginnerItem DetailsW12/04/19- 12/18/19 5:45P- 6:30PVets Mem LSC$15AvailableAdd to Cart
    222067-11Gymnastics BeginnerItem DetailsTh12/05/19- 12/19/19 9:00A- 9:45AVets Mem LSC$15AvailableAdd to Cart
    222067-12Gymnastics BeginnerItem DetailsF12/06/19- 12/20/1910:00A- 10:45AVets Mem LSC$15AvailableAdd to Cart
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