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    202110 - Music Beginning Youth

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    202110-06Keyboard Lesson GrpItem DetailsM09/30/19- 10/21/19 5:00P- 6:00PEast Las Vegas CC$24AvailableAdd to Cart
    202110-07KidshineItem DetailsTh10/03/19- 10/24/19 5:00P- 6:00PVets Mem LSC$60UnavailableRead Notice

    202119 - Sports Beginning 5 & Under

    Introduce your child to a variety of sports.

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    202119-01Sports SamplerItem DetailsM09/30/19- 10/21/19 9:30A- 10:15ACimarron Rose CC$20AvailableAdd to Cart
    202119-02Basketball SkillsItem DetailsSa10/05/19- 10/26/19 9:00A- 10:00ADoolittle CC$15AvailableAdd to Cart
    202119-05Sports SamplerItem DetailsM09/30/19- 10/21/1910:30A- 11:15ACimarron Rose CC$20AvailableAdd to Cart
    202119-06Sports SamplerItem DetailsTh10/03/19- 10/24/1910:00A- 10:45ACimarron Rose CC$20AvailableAdd to Cart
    202119-07Sports SamplerItem DetailsTh10/03/19- 10/24/1911:00A- 11:45ACimarron Rose CC$20AvailableAdd to Cart
    202119-08Sports SamplerItem DetailsF10/04/19- 10/18/19 9:30A- 10:15ACimarron Rose CC$15AvailableAdd to Cart
    202119-20Basketball SkillsItem DetailsTh10/03/19- 10/17/19 5:00P- 6:00PEast Las Vegas CC$15AvailableAdd to Cart
    202119-22Sports SamplerItem DetailsM09/30/19- 10/21/1910:00A- 10:45AVets Mem LSC$20AvailableAdd to Cart
    202119-23Sports SamplerItem DetailsM09/30/19- 10/21/1911:00A- 11:45AVets Mem LSC$20AvailableAdd to Cart
    202119-24Sports SamplerItem DetailsTu10/01/19- 10/22/1911:00A- 11:45AVets Mem LSC$20AvailableAdd to Cart
    202119-25Sports SamplerItem DetailsW10/02/19- 10/23/1910:00A- 10:45AVets Mem LSC$20AvailableAdd to Cart
    202119-26Sports SamplerItem DetailsW10/02/19- 10/23/1911:00A- 11:45AVets Mem LSC$20AvailableAdd to Cart
    202119-27Sports SamplerItem DetailsTh10/03/19- 10/24/1910:00A- 10:45AVets Mem LSC$20AvailableAdd to Cart
    202119-34The Fun ZoneItem DetailsTu10/01/19- 10/22/1912:00P- 12:30PCimarron Rose CC$15AvailableAdd to Cart
    202119-37Sports SamplerItem DetailsF10/04/19- 10/18/1910:30A- 11:15ACimarron Rose CC$15AvailableAdd to Cart
    202119-39Home SchoolItem DetailsTh10/03/19- 10/24/19 9:00A- 9:45ACimarron Rose CC$20AvailableAdd to Cart
    202119-41Sports SamplerItem DetailsTu10/01/19- 10/22/1910:00A- 10:45AVets Mem LSC$20WaitlistAdd to Cart
    202119-42Sports SamplerItem DetailsTh10/03/19- 10/24/1911:00A- 11:45AVets Mem LSC$20AvailableAdd to Cart

    202121 - Sports Beginning Youth

    ActivityDescription      Details IconDaysDatesTimesLocationFees      Share      Status      Cart Icon
    202121-02Basketball SkillsItem DetailsSa10/05/19- 10/26/1910:00A- 11:00ADoolittle CC$15AvailableAdd to Cart
    202121-11Basketball SkillsItem DetailsTu10/01/19- 10/22/19 5:30P- 6:15PVets Mem LSC$20AvailableAdd to Cart
    202121-12Basketball SkillsItem DetailsTu10/01/19- 10/22/19 6:30P- 7:15PVets Mem LSC$20AvailableAdd to Cart
    202121-13Basketball SkillsItem DetailsTh10/03/19- 10/24/19 5:30P- 6:15PVets Mem LSC$20AvailableAdd to Cart
    202121-14Basketball SkillsItem DetailsTh10/03/19- 10/24/19 6:30P- 7:15PVets Mem LSC$20AvailableAdd to Cart
    202121-16Basketball SkillsItem DetailsSa10/05/19- 10/26/1911:00A- 11:45AVets Mem LSC$20AvailableAdd to Cart
    202121-26Basketball SkillsItem DetailsSa10/05/19- 10/19/19 9:00A- 12:00PDula Gym$0AvailableAdd to Cart

    202126 - Batteries Included Yth Council

    ActivityDescription      Details IconDaysDatesTimesLocationFees      Share      Status      Cart Icon
    202126-02Youth CouncilItem DetailsTu10/01/19- 10/22/19 4:00P- 5:00PCimarron Rose CC$0AvailableAdd to Cart
    202126-03Youth CouncilItem DetailsF10/04/19- 10/25/19 4:30P- 6:00PEast Las Vegas CC$0AvailableAdd to Cart
    202126-30Youth CouncilItem DetailsW10/16/19- 10/16/19 4:00P- 5:00PVets Mem LSC$0AvailableAdd to Cart

    202130 - Arts & Crafts Begin 5 & Under

    Stories and activities abound in this fun class for your preschooler.

    ActivityDescription      Details IconDaysDatesTimesLocationFees      Share      Status      Cart Icon
    202130-01Imagination StationItem DetailsTu10/01/19- 10/22/1911:15A- 11:45ACimarron Rose CC$15AvailableAdd to Cart

    202131 - Arts & Crafts Begin Youth

    Art can be so much fun! Your preschooler will experience all kinds of arts and crafts in this program.

    ActivityDescription      Details IconDaysDatesTimesLocationFees      Share      Status      Cart Icon
    202131-12Little PicassosItem DetailsF10/04/19- 10/18/1910:45A- 11:30ACimarron Rose CC$15AvailableAdd to Cart
    202131-13Jr. PicassosItem DetailsM09/30/19- 10/21/19 4:30P- 5:15PCimarron Rose CC$20AvailableAdd to Cart
    202131-14Jr. PicassosItem DetailsM09/30/19- 10/21/19 5:30P- 6:30PCimarron Rose CC$25AvailableAdd to Cart

    202137 - Cooking - Youth

    ActivityDescription      Details IconDaysDatesTimesLocationFees      Share      Status      Cart Icon
    202137-01Halloween Fun-Spooky TreatsItem DetailsTh10/03/19- 10/03/19 5:30P- 7:00PMirabelli CC$20AvailableAdd to Cart

    202301 - Arts & Crafts - Act Adult Beg

    Bring your crochet hooks and get those fingers moving making the best scrubbies you've ever used. Raquel will teach you how to do it.

    ActivityDescription      Details IconDaysDatesTimesLocationFees      Share      Status      Cart Icon
    202301-02CrochetItem DetailsTu10/01/19- 10/01/1910:00A- 12:00PCentennial Hills AAC$5UnavailableRead Notice
    202301-08CraftItem DetailsTh10/03/19- 10/03/1910:00A- 11:30ADerfelt SC$5UnavailableRead Notice
    202301-19CeramicsItem DetailsM10/07/19- 10/28/1910:00A- 12:00PLieburn SC$25UnavailableRead Notice
    202301-20Whine & PaintItem DetailsF10/11/19- 10/11/1912:00P- 1:30PDerfelt SC$7UnavailableRead Notice
    202301-21Ceramics WorkshopItem DetailsTh10/03/19- 10/31/19 9:30A- 12:00PDoolittle SC$5UnavailableRead Notice
    202301-24Haunted Tea Hat Making ClassItem DetailsTu10/08/19- 10/08/1912:00P- 1:30PDerfelt SC$3UnavailableRead Notice
    202301-30Porcelain & CeramicsItem DetailsTu10/01/19- 10/22/1911:30A- 1:30PEast Las Vegas CC$20UnavailableRead Notice
    202301-31Halloween Craft ProjItem DetailsW10/16/19- 10/16/1910:00A- 12:00PEast Las Vegas CC$6UnavailableRead Notice

    202304 - Painting/Drawing - Active Adul

    ActivityDescription      Details IconDaysDatesTimesLocationFees      Share      Status      Cart Icon
    202304-08Oil PaintingItem DetailsW10/02/19- 10/30/19 8:30A- 11:00ACentennial Hills AAC$30UnavailableRead Notice
    202304-15Acrylic PaintingItem DetailsF10/04/19- 10/18/19 2:00P- 4:00PCentennial Hills AAC$18UnavailableRead Notice
    202304-17Oil Painting BegItem DetailsF10/04/19- 10/18/1911:30A- 1:30PCentennial Hills AAC$24UnavailableRead Notice

    202306 - Sew/Knit/Crochet - Act Ad Beg

    ActivityDescription      Details IconDaysDatesTimesLocationFees      Share      Status      Cart Icon
    202306-09CrochetItem DetailsM09/30/19- 10/21/19 9:00A- 11:00AEast Las Vegas CC$20UnavailableRead Notice

    202311 - Dance - Active Adult Beg

    ActivityDescription      Details IconDaysDatesTimesLocationFees      Share      Status      Cart Icon
    202311-29Ballroom Beg & IntItem DetailsW10/02/19- 10/23/19 1:00P- 3:00PEast Las Vegas CC$25UnavailableRead Notice
    202311-30SwingItem DetailsF10/04/19- 10/25/19 1:00P- 3:00PEast Las Vegas CC$25UnavailableRead Notice

    202312 - Dance - Active Adult Int

    Must have previous tap experience.

    ActivityDescription      Details IconDaysDatesTimesLocationFees      Share      Status      Cart Icon
    202312-13Tap Dance Int/AdvItem DetailsF10/04/19- 10/25/19 9:00A- 11:00AEast Las Vegas CC$30UnavailableRead Notice
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