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    190101DCC 2nd & 3rd Grade Tuesday Silver BaskeballItem Details01/15/19- 02/26/1960 min7Fee DetailsFullSchedule & StandingsRead Notice
    190102DCC 2nd & 3rd Grade Monday Gold BasketballItem Details01/14/19- 03/04/1960 min5Fee DetailsFullSchedule & StandingsRead Notice
    190103DCC 4th & 5th Grade Gold Basketball LeagueItem Details01/16/19- 02/20/1960 min6Fee DetailsFullSchedule & StandingsRead Notice
    190104DCC 4th & 5th Grade Silver Basketball LeagueItem Details01/24/19- 03/07/1960 min6Fee DetailsFullSchedule & StandingsRead Notice
    190105DCC 6th & 7th Grade Gold Basketball LeagueItem Details02/02/19- 03/09/1960 min6Fee DetailsFullSchedule & StandingsRead Notice
    190106DCC 6th & 7th Grade Silver Basketball LeagueItem Details01/26/19- 03/09/1960 min6Fee DetailsFullSchedule & StandingsRead Notice
    190107DCC 8th Grade Open Basketball LeagueItem Details01/26/19- 03/09/1960 min8Fee DetailsFullSchedule & StandingsRead Notice
    190108Basketball League 6UItem Details02/02/19- 03/23/1960 min8Fee DetailsFullSchedule & StandingsRead Notice
    190109Basketball League 8UItem Details02/02/19- 03/30/1960 min9Fee DetailsFullSchedule & StandingsRead Notice
    190110Basketball League 10UItem Details02/02/19- 03/23/1960 min12Fee DetailsFullSchedule & StandingsRead Notice
    190111Basketball League 10U CompetitiveItem Details02/02/19- 03/30/1960 min12Fee DetailsUnavailableSchedule & StandingsRead Notice
    190112Basketball League 12UItem Details02/02/19- 03/23/1960 min6Fee DetailsFullSchedule & StandingsRead Notice
    190113Basketball League 12U CompetitiveItem Details02/02/19- 03/30/1960 min6Fee DetailsUnavailableSchedule & StandingsRead Notice
    190114CM Women's 6v6 Volleyball LeagueItem Details01/10/19- 03/14/1945 min8Fee DetailsUnavailableSchedule & StandingsRead Notice
    190115MSU 2019 Winter Coed Rec Monday Softball VetsItem Details01/28/19- 03/25/1960 min8Fee DetailsUnavailableSchedule & StandingsRead Notice
    190116MSU 2019 Winter Coed D Tuesday Softball VetsItem Details01/22/19- 03/12/1960 min8Fee DetailsUnavailableSchedule & StandingsRead Notice
    190117MSU 2019 Winter Mens Wed. Night Softball VetsItem Details01/23/19- 03/06/1960 min4Fee DetailsFullSchedule & StandingsRead Notice
    190118MSU 2019 Winter Coed Rec Fri. Sftball LorenziItem Details01/25/19- 03/15/1960 min9Fee DetailsFullSchedule & StandingsRead Notice
    190119MSU 2019 Winter Mens D Friday Softball VetsItem Details01/25/19- 03/08/1960 min5Fee DetailsFullSchedule & StandingsRead Notice
    190120Stupak Corporate Basetball LeagueItem Details01/15/19- 03/19/1940 min7Fee DetailsFullSchedule & StandingsRead Notice
    190200Stupak Adult Coed 6 v 6 VolleyballItem Details02/13/19- 04/03/1950 min9Fee DetailsUnavailableSchedule & StandingsRead Notice
    190201Dula Prime Time BasketballItem Details02/19/19- 04/09/1940 min6Fee DetailsAvailableSchedule & StandingsAdd to Cart
    190401CM Women's Volleyball LeagueItem Details01/10/19- 03/14/1945 min8Fee DetailsUnavailableSchedule & StandingsRead Notice
    190402MSU 2019 Spring Coed D Tuesday Night SoftballItem Details04/08/19- 06/03/1960 min8Fee DetailsUnavailableSchedule & StandingsRead Notice
    190403MSU 2019 Spring Coed D Tuesday Night SofItem Details04/09/19- 05/28/1960 min8Fee DetailsUnavailableSchedule & StandingsRead Notice
    190404MSU 2019 Spring Men's Wednesday Night SoftbaItem Details04/10/19- 05/29/1960 min8Fee DetailsUnavailableSchedule & StandingsRead Notice
    190405MSU 2019 Spring Coed Rec Friday Night SoItem Details04/12/19- 06/07/1960 min8Fee DetailsUnavailableSchedule & StandingsRead Notice
    190406MSU 2019 Spring Men's D Friday Veterans SoftItem Details04/12/19- 06/07/1960 min8Fee DetailsUnavailableSchedule & StandingsRead Notice
    1904072019 6v6 Spring Sand VolleyballItem Details03/14/19- 05/02/1960 min8Fee DetailsUnavailableSchedule & StandingsRead Notice
    190408CM Womens Volleyball LeagueItem Details04/04/19- 06/06/1945 min8Fee DetailsAvailableSchedule & StandingsAdd to Cart
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