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    223103 - Drum/Guitar/Keyboard Priv Yth

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    223103-91Private Music LessonItem DetailsTu11/26/19- 12/17/19 5:00P- 5:30PEast Las Vegas CC$50AvailableAdd to Cart
    223103-92Music PrivateItem DetailsTu11/26/19- 12/17/19 5:30P- 6:00PEast Las Vegas CC$50AvailableAdd to Cart
    223103-93Private Music LessonItem DetailsTh12/05/19- 12/19/19 5:00P- 5:30PEast Las Vegas CC$36AvailableAdd to Cart
    223103-94Music PrivateItem DetailsTh12/05/19- 12/19/19 5:30P- 6:00PEast Las Vegas CC$36AvailableAdd to Cart

    223104 - Drum/Guitar/Keyboard2 Priv Yth

    Private 30 minute one on one sessions. Guitar, Drums, Keyboard, vocals.

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    223104-18Music PrivateItem DetailsTh12/05/19- 12/19/19 4:00P- 4:30PMirabelli CC$38AvailableAdd to Cart
    223104-19Music PrivateItem DetailsTh12/05/19- 12/19/19 4:30P- 5:00PMirabelli CC$38AvailableAdd to Cart
    223104-20Music PrivateItem DetailsTh12/05/19- 12/19/19 5:00P- 5:30PMirabelli CC$38WaitlistAdd to Cart
    223104-21Music PrivateItem DetailsTh12/05/19- 12/19/19 5:30P- 6:00PMirabelli CC$38WaitlistAdd to Cart
    223104-22Music PrivateItem DetailsTh12/05/19- 12/19/19 6:00P- 6:30PMirabelli CC$38WaitlistAdd to Cart
    223104-23Music PrivateItem DetailsTh12/05/19- 12/19/19 6:30P- 7:00PMirabelli CC$38WaitlistAdd to Cart
    223104-24Music PrivateItem DetailsTh12/05/19- 12/19/19 7:00P- 7:30PMirabelli CC$38WaitlistAdd to Cart
    223104-25Music PrivateItem DetailsTh12/05/19- 12/19/19 7:30P- 8:00PMirabelli CC$38WaitlistAdd to Cart

    223112 - Perform Group/Team Cheer Youth

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    223112-03Maniakz VerdictItem DetailsTu, Th12/03/19- 12/12/19 6:30P- 8:00PVets Mem LSC$120AvailableAdd to Cart
    223112-04Maniakz JusticeItem DetailsTu, Th12/03/19- 12/12/19 4:30P- 5:30PVets Mem LSC$72AvailableAdd to Cart
    223112-05Maniakz Pre-TeamItem DetailsF12/06/19- 12/20/19 4:00P- 5:00PMirabelli CC$18AvailableAdd to Cart
    223112-06Maniakz Princess TeamItem DetailsW, F12/04/19- 12/20/19 6:30P- 7:15PMirabelli CC$61AvailableAdd to Cart
    223112-07Maniakz Ladies TeamItem DetailsW, F12/04/19- 12/20/19 7:00P- 8:15PMirabelli CC$118AvailableAdd to Cart
    223112-08Maniakz Divas TeamItem DetailsW, F12/04/19- 12/20/19 5:00P- 6:30PMirabelli CC$127AvailableAdd to Cart
    223112-09Maniakz Wicked TeamItem DetailsW, F12/04/19- 12/20/19 4:00P- 6:00PMirabelli CC$145AvailableAdd to Cart
    223112-10Maniakz Charmed TeamItem DetailsW, F12/04/19- 12/20/19 7:45P- 9:00PMirabelli CC$80AvailableAdd to Cart
    223112-11Maniakz MotiveItem DetailsTu, Th12/03/19- 12/12/19 5:30P- 6:30PVets Mem LSC$72AvailableAdd to Cart

    223114 - Social Group Teen

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    223114-02Next GenItem DetailsTh11/28/19- 12/19/19 3:00P- 4:00PEast Las Vegas CC$0AvailableAdd to Cart

    223337 - Special Events - Active Adult

    Bring 2 dozen homemade cookies and the recipe to share with others. The best cookie recipe wins a prize! Hot apple cider will be served. See staff for gift exchange information.

    ActivityDescription      Details IconDaysDatesTimesLocationFees      Share      Status      Cart Icon
    223337-02Holiday Cookie & Gift ExchangeItem DetailsTu12/03/19- 12/03/19 1:00P- 2:00PDoolittle SC$2AvailableAdd to Cart
    223337-03Happy Holiday BingoItem DetailsTh12/19/19- 12/19/1912:00P- 1:00PDoolittle SC$2AvailableAdd to Cart
    223337-20Holiday LuncheonItem DetailsW12/11/19- 12/11/1911:30A- 1:00PCentennial Hills AAC$8AvailableAdd to Cart
    223337-21Holiday Gift WrapItem DetailsTh12/19/19- 12/19/1910:00A- 2:00PLieburn SC$1AvailableAdd to Cart
    223337-46BuncoItem DetailsW12/04/19- 12/04/1910:00A- 1:30PDerfelt SC$5AvailableAdd to Cart
    223337-47Bunco Lunch OnlyItem DetailsW12/04/19- 12/04/1912:00P- 1:00PDerfelt SC$5AvailableAdd to Cart
    223337-50BingoItem DetailsW12/18/19- 12/18/1910:00A- 1:30PDerfelt SC$5AvailableAdd to Cart
    223337-51Bingo Lunch onlyItem DetailsW12/18/19- 12/18/1912:00P- 1:00PDerfelt SC$5AvailableAdd to Cart
    223337-55Cookie ExchangeItem DetailsF12/06/19- 12/06/19 1:00P- 3:00PDerfelt SC$3AvailableAdd to Cart
    223337-60Holiday LunchItem DetailsTu12/17/19- 12/17/1911:00A- 1:00PDoolittle SC$6AvailableAdd to Cart
    223337-64PetmasItem DetailsW12/11/19- 12/11/1911:30A- 1:30PDerfelt SC$5AvailableAdd to Cart
    223337-66Scrooge Holiday LuncheonItem DetailsTh12/19/19- 12/19/1911:30A- 1:30PDerfelt SC$5AvailableAdd to Cart
    223337-67BuncoItem DetailsW12/04/19- 12/04/1910:00A- 12:30PCentennial Hills AAC$5AvailableAdd to Cart
    223337-68Holiday TeaItem DetailsTu12/17/19- 12/17/1911:30A- 1:00PEast Las Vegas CC$7WaitlistAdd to Cart
    223337-69Holiday Craft FairItem DetailsSa12/07/19- 12/07/1910:00A- 1:00PEast Las Vegas CC$10WaitlistAdd to Cart

    223340 - Bingo Group - Active Adult

    Play Bingo on our new electronic board and enjoy a lite snack.

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    223340-02BingoItem DetailsW12/18/19- 12/18/1911:00A- 12:30PCentennial Hills AAC$5AvailableAdd to Cart

    223350 - Trip - Active Adult

    Come along on our annual trip to the Las Vegas Motor Speedway to enjoy the holiday decorations and music.

    ActivityDescription      Details IconDaysDatesTimesLocationFees      Share      Status      Cart Icon
    223350-02Trip Glittering Lights at the LVMSItem DetailsW12/11/19- 12/11/19 1:00P- 3:00PLieburn SC$7AvailableAdd to Cart
    223350-05Holiday Light TourItem DetailsTh12/19/19- 12/19/19 4:00P- 8:00PDoolittle SC$10AvailableAdd to Cart
    223350-08Holiday Light TourItem DetailsW12/11/19- 12/11/19 5:00P- 7:30PEast Las Vegas CC$5AvailableAdd to Cart
    223350-12Holiday Light TourItem DetailsTu12/17/19- 12/17/19 4:45P- 8:00PCentennial Hills AAC$20AvailableAdd to Cart

    223404 - Learn to Swim Semi-Private Les

    ActivityDescription      Details IconDaysDatesTimesLocationFees      Share      Status      Cart Icon
    223404-04SP Level 5Item DetailsM, W12/02/19- 12/18/19 5:00P- 5:45PPavilion Center Pool$65WaitlistAdd to Cart
    223404-06SP Teen/AdultItem DetailsM, W12/02/19- 12/18/19 6:00P- 6:45PPavilion Center Pool$65AvailableAdd to Cart
    223404-08SP Level 1Item DetailsTu, Th12/03/19- 12/19/19 4:00P- 4:45PPavilion Center Pool$65AvailableAdd to Cart
    223404-10SP Level 3Item DetailsTu, Th12/03/19- 12/19/19 5:00P- 5:45PPavilion Center Pool$65WaitlistAdd to Cart
    223404-12SP Level 5Item DetailsTu, Th12/03/19- 12/19/19 6:00P- 6:45PPavilion Center Pool$65WaitlistAdd to Cart

    223405 - Learn to Swim Private Lessons

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    223405-01LTS - Private Lessons with Mrs. ThelmaItem DetailsM, W12/02/19- 12/18/1912:00P- 12:45PPavilion Center Pool$125WaitlistAdd to Cart
    223405-02LTS - Private Lessons with Mrs. ThelmaItem DetailsM, W12/02/19- 12/18/19 1:00P- 1:45PPavilion Center Pool$125AvailableAdd to Cart
    223405-03LTS - Private Lessons with Mrs. ThelmaItem DetailsM, W12/02/19- 12/18/19 2:00P- 2:45PPavilion Center Pool$125AvailableAdd to Cart
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