League Details:  MSU 2019 Fall Coed Rec Friday Night Softball

Dates: 09/13/19 - 11/01/19

#Team NameTeam ColorWLTWin Pct.StandingSportsmanship ScorePrimary Contact
1SavageBlack and Grey620 0.751 0.00N/A
2Pitches Be Crazy
620 0.752 0.00N/A
4Joe's Place
530 0.633 0.00N/A
6Reel Tech Enterprises
640 0.604 0.00N/A
7All Mixed UpDark Blue640 0.605 0.00N/A
8Team Merica
640 0.606 0.00N/A
5Dark EmpireRed Black Grey350 0.387 0.00N/A
3Hot MessGraffitti280 0.208 0.00N/A
9Atomic BombersRed080 0.009 0.00N/A


League Schedule For:  MSU 2019 Fall Coed Rec Friday Night Softball

DateTimeLocationHome TeamScoreAway TeamScore
09/13/20196:30PLOR 01 Multi/SB/BB@Lorenzi ParkSavage13Team Merica9
09/13/20196:30PLOR 04 Multi/SB/BB@Lorenzi ParkHot Mess11Reel Tech Enterprises9
09/13/20197:30PLOR 01 Multi/SB/BB@Lorenzi ParkTeam Merica14Savage13
09/13/20197:30PLOR 04 Multi/SB/BB@Lorenzi ParkReel Tech Enterprises11Hot Mess10
09/13/20198:30PLOR 01 Multi/SB/BB@Lorenzi ParkPitches Be Crazy9All Mixed Up10
09/13/20198:30PLOR 04 Multi/SB/BB@Lorenzi ParkJoe's Place9Dark Empire4
09/13/20199:30PLOR 01 Multi/SB/BB@Lorenzi ParkAll Mixed Up11Pitches Be Crazy10
09/13/20199:30PLOR 04 Multi/SB/BB@Lorenzi ParkDark Empire4Joe's Place11
09/20/20196:30PLOR 01 Multi/SB/BB@Lorenzi ParkDark Empire13Hot Mess9
09/20/20196:30PLOR 04 Multi/SB/BB@Lorenzi ParkSavage15All Mixed Up9
09/20/20197:30PLOR 01 Multi/SB/BB@Lorenzi ParkHot Mess6Dark Empire8
09/20/20197:30PLOR 04 Multi/SB/BB@Lorenzi ParkAll Mixed Up20Savage19
09/20/20198:30PLOR 01 Multi/SB/BB@Lorenzi ParkPitches Be Crazy7Reel Tech Enterprises0
09/20/20198:30PLOR 04 Multi/SB/BB@Lorenzi ParkAtomic Bombers3Team Merica18
09/20/20199:30PLOR 01 Multi/SB/BB@Lorenzi ParkReel Tech Enterprises0Pitches Be Crazy7
09/20/20199:30PLOR 04 Multi/SB/BB@Lorenzi ParkTeam Merica14Atomic Bombers7
09/27/20196:30PLOR 01 Multi/SB/BB@Lorenzi ParkPitches Be Crazy9Atomic Bombers6
09/27/20196:30PLOR 04 Multi/SB/BB@Lorenzi ParkAll Mixed Up15Joe's Place12
09/27/20197:30PLOR 01 Multi/SB/BB@Lorenzi ParkAtomic Bombers2Pitches Be Crazy14
09/27/20197:30PLOR 04 Multi/SB/BB@Lorenzi ParkJoe's Place12All Mixed Up13
09/27/20198:30PLOR 01 Multi/SB/BB@Lorenzi ParkTeam Merica6Hot Mess5
09/27/20198:30PLOR 04 Multi/SB/BB@Lorenzi ParkReel Tech Enterprises13Dark Empire3
09/27/20199:30PLOR 01 Multi/SB/BB@Lorenzi ParkHot Mess5Team Merica16
09/27/20199:30PLOR 04 Multi/SB/BB@Lorenzi ParkDark Empire12Reel Tech Enterprises17
10/04/20196:30PLOR 01 Multi/SB/BB@Lorenzi ParkReel Tech Enterprises10Joe's Place13
10/04/20196:30PLOR 04 Multi/SB/BB@Lorenzi ParkAll Mixed Up17Hot Mess6
10/04/20197:30PLOR 01 Multi/SB/BB@Lorenzi ParkJoe's Place1Reel Tech Enterprises17
10/04/20197:30PLOR 04 Multi/SB/BB@Lorenzi ParkHot Mess17All Mixed Up11
10/04/20198:30PLOR 01 Multi/SB/BB@Lorenzi ParkPitches Be Crazy12Team Merica3
10/04/20198:30PLOR 04 Multi/SB/BB@Lorenzi ParkAtomic Bombers9Savage11
10/04/20199:30PLOR 01 Multi/SB/BB@Lorenzi ParkTeam Merica9Pitches Be Crazy12
10/04/20199:30PLOR 04 Multi/SB/BB@Lorenzi ParkSavage16Atomic Bombers6
10/11/20196:30PLOR 01 Multi/SB/BB@Lorenzi ParkSavage17Hot Mess4
10/11/20196:30PLOR 04 Multi/SB/BB@Lorenzi ParkAll Mixed Up9Reel Tech Enterprises12
10/11/20197:30PLOR 01 Multi/SB/BB@Lorenzi ParkHot Mess8Savage18
10/11/20197:30PLOR 04 Multi/SB/BB@Lorenzi ParkReel Tech Enterprises15All Mixed Up14
10/11/20198:30PLOR 01 Multi/SB/BB@Lorenzi ParkAtomic Bombers10Joe's Place25
10/11/20198:30PLOR 04 Multi/SB/BB@Lorenzi ParkTeam Merica3Dark Empire6
10/11/20199:30PLOR 01 Multi/SB/BB@Lorenzi ParkJoe's Place9Atomic Bombers8
10/11/20199:30PLOR 04 Multi/SB/BB@Lorenzi ParkDark Empire8Team Merica9
10/18/20196:30PLOR 01 Multi/SB/BB@Lorenzi ParkAll Mixed Up0Dark Empire0
10/18/20196:30PLOR 04 Multi/SB/BB@Lorenzi ParkHot Mess0Atomic Bombers0
10/18/20197:30PLOR 01 Multi/SB/BB@Lorenzi ParkDark Empire0All Mixed Up0
10/18/20197:30PLOR 04 Multi/SB/BB@Lorenzi ParkAtomic Bombers0Hot Mess0
10/18/20198:30PLOR 01 Multi/SB/BB@Lorenzi ParkJoe's Place0Team Merica0
10/18/20198:30PLOR 04 Multi/SB/BB@Lorenzi ParkPitches Be Crazy0Savage0
10/18/20199:30PLOR 01 Multi/SB/BB@Lorenzi ParkTeam Merica0Joe's Place0
10/18/20199:30PLOR 04 Multi/SB/BB@Lorenzi ParkSavage0Pitches Be Crazy0
10/25/20196:30PLOR 01 Multi/SB/BB@Lorenzi ParkJoe's Place0Pitches Be Crazy0
10/25/20196:30PLOR 04 Multi/SB/BB@Lorenzi ParkAll Mixed Up0Team Merica0
10/25/20197:30PLOR 01 Multi/SB/BB@Lorenzi ParkPitches Be Crazy0Joe's Place0
10/25/20197:30PLOR 04 Multi/SB/BB@Lorenzi ParkTeam Merica0All Mixed Up0
10/25/20198:30PLOR 01 Multi/SB/BB@Lorenzi ParkDark Empire0Savage0
10/25/20198:30PLOR 04 Multi/SB/BB@Lorenzi ParkAtomic Bombers0Reel Tech Enterprises0
10/25/20199:30PLOR 01 Multi/SB/BB@Lorenzi ParkSavage0Dark Empire0
10/25/20199:30PLOR 04 Multi/SB/BB@Lorenzi ParkReel Tech Enterprises0Atomic Bombers0
11/01/20196:30PLOR 01 Multi/SB/BB@Lorenzi ParkTeam Merica0Reel Tech Enterprises0
11/01/20196:30PLOR 04 Multi/SB/BB@Lorenzi ParkAtomic Bombers0Dark Empire0
11/01/20197:30PLOR 01 Multi/SB/BB@Lorenzi ParkReel Tech Enterprises0Team Merica0
11/01/20197:30PLOR 04 Multi/SB/BB@Lorenzi ParkDark Empire0Atomic Bombers0
11/01/20198:30PLOR 01 Multi/SB/BB@Lorenzi ParkJoe's Place0Savage0
11/01/20198:30PLOR 04 Multi/SB/BB@Lorenzi ParkPitches Be Crazy0Hot Mess0
11/01/20199:30PLOR 01 Multi/SB/BB@Lorenzi ParkSavage0Joe's Place0
11/01/20199:30PLOR 04 Multi/SB/BB@Lorenzi ParkHot Mess0Pitches Be Crazy0
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